HBA Training

The HBA organises regular training for member stations and their volunteers.  Training and development is a key component of the annual conference and roadshow programme.
We use subject experts to pass on their knowledge, skills and expertise.  Our trainers are professional practitioners and come from the radio/broadcasting and charity/fundraising sectors.
They give up their time for free for the benefit of the entire hospital broadcasting family.
In 2017, we carried out a survey to better understand stations' training needs.  Respondents told us they wanted more training for presenters and programmers.
We asked what their training priorites were.  They said (in order of importance):
- Presentation training
- Interview skills
- Media law
- Broadcast skills 
- Technical skills
Our two roadshow events in 2017/2018 focussed on presentation/programming and media law.  We also offered a masterclass in the use of the Myriad playout software.
Our annual conference in 2018 continued the focus on programming and interviewing skills.  We also ran a workshop to help member stations prepare for the new GDPR rules.
For 2019, we moved to the next set of training skills as identified from our survey.  The 2019 annual conference programme included seminars on:
Fundraising - new sources of income for member stations beyond just collections with buckets outside supermarkets
Technology - the rollout of WiFi across the NHS estate and the implications for patient entertainment
The future - how hospital broadcasting might 'future-proof' itself and continue to provide added value to NHS trusts
Charity changes - how stations can transfer to a CIO
Communications - how to get your message across in a crowded market place
We are now developing our training offer for the next HBA roadshow events in the summer of 2019.
It remains our ambition to make greater use of technology, such as webinars, to deliver some of our training programme.  Although respondents to our survey said they valued face-to-face training because of the opportunity to network with other stations and volunteers, we know travel can be a challenge for some.
We see webinars being a complementary offer to the training we run at roadshows and annual conference.
If you have any specific training needs for your station - or have any ideas for our future training programme - please get in touch.  Our email is training@hbauk.com.