A wonderful 125 years at Radio Brockley

What is it that makes Hospital Radio so important? So valuable? So salient to the restoration of patients in hospital beds up and down the country? Lee Pillar from Radio Brockley writes for HBA.

Is it the eclectic mix of musical genres? The sense of community and camaraderie? The sentimentality of a nostalgic art form persistently breaking the boundaries of an ever changing modern world?

Yes. It’s all of those things, of course. But these elements would be impossible were it not for the amazing volunteers who have gifted their time, energy and commitment into sustaining top quality broadcasts throughout the years. And at Radio Brockley that dedication is paramount to the success of the station, with this year recognising some fantastic milestones from some of its members.

In August 2021 - Alan Joyce and Martin Gold each celebrated a whopping 30 years at the station and have become well anticipated locals on the wards for their valuable conversations and top tier presenting skills across their cumulative 60 years.

Emma Joyce also reached an astounding anniversary of 15 years at the station, and has brought a fresh and invigorating sound to the airwaves with her contemporary tracks and features.

And taking us all the way back to 1971 comes one of Radio Brockley’s most prominent members, a linchpin to the success and duration of the station. Having racked up an incredible 50 years riding the airwaves is the eminent David Rauch. A vast proportion of the station’s achievements are in recognition of David’s dedication and drive to ensure that the patient’s at RNOH receive not only the best quality broadcasts, but all those on board the Radio Brockley ship mirror his capacity to bring compassion, sincerity and positivity to the wards and to the studio.

Together - these four volunteers have accumulated an awe inspiring 125 years of service, and without them the station may never have lasted as long as it has. Their contributions have not gone unrecognised by those who have the honour of working alongside them and for those who have had the pleasure of tuning into their weekly tunes and tales.

To David, Alan, Martin and Emma - thank you for all that you have done at Radio Brockley, and here’s to many years more!