Today is HBA Conference Day!

The Hilton Hotel, London WatfordThe Hospital Broadcasting Association this weekend (18th-20th March) welcomes over 200 delegates to join it for the HBA National Conference 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, London Watford.

This annual event allows delegates from hospital radio stations to network with other radio stations and guests from organisations such as industry licensing bodies, broadcasting specialists and stars, and some of our many corporate supporters. We offer a number of seminars that offer a range of informative sessions on subjects such as audio editing, social media and station management, as well as our traditional Friday Evening Entertainment, which this year takes on the An Audience with..... theme.

The weekends events also include the National Hospital Radio Awards; our celebration of the best of hospital radio broadcasting. Among the nominees are Radio Brockley, Radio Tyneside, Hospital Radio Basingstoke, the Hospital Broadcasting Network and many more. A full list of the nominees that could win a National Hospital Radio Award was announced by Alan Dedicoat, the National Lottery Voice of the Balls on New Years Day.

Delegates who are joining the Hospital Broadcasting Association this weekend have access to their own dedicated HBA Conference Microsite and receive daily Conference News e-mails while at the event; all as part of the Hospital Broadcasting Association's commitment to empowering volunteers to do the most for their hospital radio stations through both representation and action.