Radio Marsden team up for Pressure Ulcer Campaign

Radio Marsden have teamed up with specialist staff at the Royal Marsden on producing audio around pressure ulcers and how to recognise them.

The station, alongside Jenni Macdonald, the Royal Marsden's Subject matter expert) have produced a short interview which provides information to patients about how to recognise if they are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer. This interview has been signed off nationally by NHS Improvement and by the subject specialists around the country.

On the week of the 15th November there are events up and down the country carried out by Tissue Viability Nursing staff at hospitals. NHS Improvement have written to all hospitals advising them to get behind the campaign.

The team at Radio Marsden would like as many hospital radio stations as possible to use the audio to inform patients how to recognise pressure ulcers. The interview, conduceted by Radio Marsden's Barry Alston with Jenni Macdonald from the Royal Marsden Hospital is available to download from our Member Resources area.

If you would like to find out more about Radio Marsden, you can visit their website here.