HRI's Lewis Old Completes Abseil

One of the most youthful presenters on Hospital Radio Ipswich has completed a charity abseil from the top of The Ipswich Hospital Maternity Block. 
Lewis Old completed the decent in a little over three minutes to the cheering of his twenty or so supporters who were safely waiting on the ground to congratulate him. 
Raising £505 for the McMillan appeal for Somersham Ward at the hospital, the intrepid Lewis managed to wave to hospital staff as he passed their windows. 
After landing safely and being interviewed by BBC Radio Suffolk he said: ““The scariest part for me was negotiating a wooden board that wobbled somewhat right at the start. You needed to get over the board before you could face the wall and get your feet against the masonry. Having done this you then were advised to regain composure by breathing deeply for a minute or two, before the decent proper.””
Lewis presents the Sunday request show at 8pm every week on