Health & Wellbeing initiative at Radio Frimley Park

Radio Frimley Park is one of a number of stations that have taken the plunge and become a CIO.

They found the guidance available from the HBA absolutely invaluable. Part of the process involved re-casting the station's charitable objects, which now include the promotion of health and wellbeing.

So far so good. But what does it mean? Radio Frimley Park up until then had almost exclusively sought only to entertain patients - to try to make the time they needed to spend in hospital pass a little more agreeably. Now there was a chance to educate and inform as well as just to play requests, and the station is starting now to involve members of staff and to provide a platform for staff to become more involved in its output.

Radio Frimley Park teamed up with the Rheumatology department at Frimley Park Hospital to record podcasts to help patients understand more about Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatology Nurse Specialist and Nursing Ambassador Rosealeen Killick, along with Rheumatology Nurse Specialist Jeannette Cameron and Dr. Mark Lloyd, Lead Rheumatology Consultant came into Radio Frimley Park's studio to record their message. Then with the help of Steve from WiFi Spark, the recording was turned into a podcast to be accessible on Twitter.

The pilot recording was so well received, that a series is now planned for the future and will be tweeted as “Radio Rheumatology.”

Radio Frimley Park is very excited about these first steps to bring informative and educational content to the patients and their families. The station looks forward to more such ventures with other departments within the hospital, and this dovetails very well with the improved communications infrastructure within the hospital facilitated by WiFi Spark, and additional exposure via social media.