HBA to Publish White Paper on Hospital Broadcasting

Hospital Broadcasting Association Launches Project to Produce White Paper on the Contribution of Members' Activities and Hospital Broadcasting to Patient Well-being.  This Article is for Benefit of Members for Sharing and Discussion with Stakeholders.

As a resource for members the HBA will compose a white paper to communicate the benefits of volunteers activities and the contribution played in improving patient well-being.  The White Paper will be revealed at the annual conference in March 2016.

HBA Chairman Grant McNaughton commented, “As part of a host of changes we are bringing to the HBA to deliver effectual assistance for members our research project results will be made available to be shared and discussed with stakeholders such as NHS partners and funders to demonstrate the positive impact our activities can have on health outcomes.”

The HBA conducted a survey earlier this year considering patient entertainment system operators (PES) and also relationships with hospitals' Trusts.  The conclusions were very insightful and have highlighted areas of focus for HBA Trustees to develop services for the membership.  In particular, aside the service issues experienced with the PES, it was apparent a large portion of respondents had negligible relationships with key stakeholders.  Further, the value of their activities was not appreciated or promoted.

This is at a time of significant change in the healthcare landscape which is moving to a proactive and out of hospital model rather than a reactive response at the bedside.  The advent of tablet and smart phone technology bring to question the need for a specialised broadcasting service when patients can bring their own music.  However, we know what hospital broadcasting can bring, which is much more than playing a piece of music, and we all need to promote this.

The HBA have employed a consultant team from Hazlebury Consultancy Ltd to undertake the completion of the research.  Dr Jenny Thomas and her team will work extensively with the Trustees lead by Graham Medhurst.  The initial part of this project will be a new questionnaire focusing on how we interact with patients and other listeners and also what we do to engage and improve patients experience.  We will be looking at types of programming delivered in the service to the patients during their hospitalistion.

Then from a short list of around a dozen stations a deeper, face to face, analysis will be conducted by Jenny and the team at Hazlebury.  A list of criteria has given us a diverse selection of participants who will be initially contacted in the next few days.  Finally, we will also be engaging with stakeholders and other third parties relevant to the work across the healthcare network.

The White Paper will be yours to use to both promote your work, whilst in the worse cases argue the case to validate your existence.

If you have any queries about the questionnaire or the research please do not hesitate to get in touch with Graham Medhurst, the HBA lead trustee on this project.  Your responses are important and invaluable to the research so please do spare the time and take part in this work which will help us all.