Share your stories: A Guide to Writing PR

We love hearing positive stories from our Member Stations and the difference you are making to the patients or communities you serve. HBA are more than happy to help showcase your station's work through our own channels including our website, social media, email newsletters and OnAir Magazine.

To help HBA in promoting your hospital, health and wellbeing radio station, here are some top tips and advice from the Communications Team:

1. Send us a press release

Add [email protected] and [email protected] to your press release distribution list or upload an article via our website and share your positive stories with us. Whether you are hosting a fundraising event or are celebrating a milestone, or perhaps you have launched a new service, share it with us.

We'd recommend your press releases are no longer than 500 words. Write your press release as a story, with a powerful introduction, highlighting the key points or matters you want to promote, intertwined with quotes from a representative of your station, service users or beneficiaries.

A good story has a beginning, middle and end. Round off with a closing statement or a call to action - what do you want the reader to do or what do you want them to take away, once they've made it to the end? Remember to include any links to your website or somewhere readers can find out more.

Articles of a high quality editorial standard make our work more streamlined and easier to manage so it is likely we can turnaround your press release more quickly.

2. Include a photograph or video

A picture paints a thousand words and typically photographs or video content gain more traction on social media channels than text-only content. Digital content also adds weight to a press release so the two can complement one another. Please only use photographs that are your own, or you have the author's consent to publish them. 

If you are submitting video content, try to keep the video no longer than two minutes and add some background narration to give some context to your video footage.

3. If promoting an event, detail is key

Include the date/time and event description. Share links to where the event is taking place and how people can participate. What is the purpose of the event - if it is to raise funds for your station, make a reference to this, and where people can donate. Ensure you provide us with plenty of notice so that we can promote your activity with plenty of time.

4. Tag HBA on social media!

HBA are on Facebook (@ukhba) and Twitter (@theHBAuk) so tag us and use relevant hashtags such as #hospitalradio to help your post gain traction.

Please be mindful that as volunteers our social media channels, email accounts and phones are not monitored 24-7. We can't promise that we will publish everything we receive. However, if your submissions are of a good editorial standard, this makes our jobs much easier.