The Big Welsh Sing-Along

On St David's Day, hospital radio stations across Wales are coming together for a 'Big Welsh Sing-Along'.

All stations involved are going to be encouraging listeners to simultaneously sing 'Calon Lân’  at Midday on Monday 1st March.

Jamie Pritchard, Chairman of Hospital Radio Glamorgan in Cardiff said:

"The pandemic has been really tough for us all in some way and we're still not able to interact in the ways we are used to, so one way to help lift spirits during this time and bring everyone together would be to sing a Welsh classic".

You're being invited to sing whereever you are, as you don't just have to be in hospital to take part.

If you're not quite sure of all the words to ‘Calon Lân’, head to the Big welsh Sing-Along website, where you can find a handy downloadable song sheet. You are encouraged to share videos of you taking part on social media, using the #BigWelshSingalong hashtag.