On the air and 46 years young

David Llewellyn broadcasting from home

The studios may be closed, but music continues to play 24 hours a day for Hospital Radio Lynn.

For the last 46 years Hospital Radio Lynn has been a crucial link between patients in the hospital and their families across King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

In these times of social distancing, self-isolation and lockdown, Hospital Radio Lynn volunteers believe it is more important than ever to continue a special link between the hospital and the community.

Wayne Fysh, Studio Manager, said: “Hospital Radio Lynn is geared up to allow our volunteers to broadcast from their own home. Social isolation won’t stop us keeping our service on the air. Families and friends can request songs for loved ones anytime, giving people contact at a time when visiting at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is suspended.”

If you would like to request a song for a loved one who is either a patient or a member of staff at the hospital, then visit our website to complete the online request form.

The station continues to air Requests & Dedications, 8 to 10 pm, Sunday through Friday. You can listen to Hospital Radio Lynn via their website or by enabling the skill for Alexa enabled devices.