Advice regarding NHS Volunteers relating to COVID-19

NHS England & NHS Improvement have released advice for NHS volunteers in respect of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and measures you can implement to protect and manage your volunteers.

HBA will keep this webpage up to date as and when new information becomes available.

Advice & Guidance for NHS Volunteers relating to COVID-19: Download Here (you will need to login using your HBA credentials).


NHS England / NHS Improvement have also provided guidance to hospitals in England in terms of restricting visitors: Read Now


The UK Government are using Public Health England as the primary means for releasing public campaigns regarding COVID-19, including radio Public Service Announcements which you can download on Public Health England's Campaign page. Note that you will need to create an account and login to be able to download the resources.


As health is a devolved matter, HMG/PHE/NHS England/NHS Improvement advice directly applies only in England. However, on this matter, Public Health Wales, Health Protection Scotland, and the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland, whilst providing some information themselves, are currently referring the public to the PHE pages on GOV.UK for detailed information. 


You can also download the following resources for your members:


HBA encourages Member Stations to liaise directly with their NHS Trusts (in England), NHS Trusts (in Wales), NHS Health Boards (Scotland) or Health and Social Care Trusts (in Northern Ireland) as there may be separate measures in place at a localised level which could impact your volunteers or operations. 


We are working to receive regular, direct updates from the respective health bodies which we will disemminate to you during the COVID-19 pandemic, as and when new information becomes available in exclusive email bulletins and our HBA Members Newsletter, you can subscribe to the latter by clicking here.


There is also some useful guidance available on the NCVO website which may be useful to your hospital, health and wellbeing broadcasting organisation.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us