Abseiling on air at Hospital Radio Basingstoke

It was a wet Saturday morning in September when volunteers came along to the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke to raise money for the North Hampshire Medical Fund, a charity based at the hospital, which raises money to buy important medical equipment. 

12 months earlier, the charity had held its first such event and HRB had been there to cover it.  Chairman Dave Warren had taken part, dressed as a chicken, and talked on the air as he abseiled down the wall of the hospital.  

The weather on that day had been fine and sunny.  Conditions were a bit more difficult this time.  It was HRB presenter Simon Penn who this year took up the challenge of doing the abseil live on the air, dressed as a chicken of course!

Hospital Radio Basingstoke was on air once again to cover the event in an hour-long programme, talking to the organisers and some of those taking part.  Unfortunately on this occasion, the heavy rain and the radio microphones did not mix and not much of Simon was heard as he descended the wall of the hospital.  

But most importantly there was lots of money raised by those who took part and there are plans to do it again in 2017, hopefully with better weather.  A volunteer will be needed to dress as a chicken and talk on the radio too!