National Hospital Radio Awards Winners 2019


Congratulations to the winners of the National Hospital Radio Awards 2019.

The National Hospital Radio Awards is an annual celebration of the excellent year-on-year standards found in hospital radio stations across the country.

The awards are open to any HBA member station, and are divided into different categories, each one recognising a specific area of excellence; some are awarded to individuals, others to stations.

Most of the categories recognise gold, silver, and bronze winners; however, two prizes are awarded to only one individual with no runner-up places. 

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who took part.



Your Winners



Station of the Year


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Gold: BHBN


The judges loved BHBN. They said this was a distinctive entry with good listener and hospital involvement, with some relevant and original ideas. It was clear how close to the hospital community the team are – which shines through in all that they do.  A worthy winner.




The judges felt this entry demonstrated hospital radio at its authentic best. A thoroughly listenable station with relaxed, engaging and fittingly mature presentation. A feel-good and listener-focused offering.


Bronze: Hospital Radio Basingstoke


The judges said this is a powerful entry demonstrating excellently a real diversity of programming. The station is clearly active on the wards and some elements were surprising and thoroughly endearing. A great listen overall and a well assembled entry.





Radio Brockley


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Male Presenter of the Year


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PRS For Music





The judges were big fans of Dan – saying he seems to be hitting all the right notes. An all-rounder on air. One said that they really enjoyed his interview with the patients and nurses for NHS 70. He asks the right questions, not just the standard ones, which is why we got such an emotional answer from the patient. Another praised how you can hear that smile and warmth every time he opens the mic.


Silver: Rajiv Hasan, Nottingham Hospitals Radio

                The judges said this was a really strong entry by someone who sounds in control of everything he does.One judge said, I like the sound a Rajiv. He really does hold himself very well and his smile seems to portray through the microphone. Another said the entry kept them interested all the way through to the end.


Bronze: Andrew Hill, Hospital Radio plymouth

                A friendly treasure is how the judges summed up Andrew. One said, there’s something about the way Andrew talks that’s truly remarkable – especially when story telling. I like the way he uses the conversation he’s had, to tell the story.





Coventry Hospital Radio                 


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Female Presenter of the Year


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PRS For Music





Warmth was the word most used by the judges for Philippa. Very warm, clear, friendly, good at describing and painting pictures.  The judges also praised the content and effort put in to the entry.




Silver: Tamsin Robson, Radio Tyneside

                A lovely voice and expression was highlighted by the judges. They found her relatable.  Nice attempt at the Italian and they loved the reporting from the Great North Run.




Bronze: Eileen Thompson, Durham Hospitals Radio


The judges described Eileen as someone with a really nice voice, clear, warm and smiley. One said, she made me smile, I really liked her. Good content too.









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Special Event





The judges said this entry was ambitious, professional, knowledgeable, warm and a tremendous listen.  One said they wanted to hear the full piece, it was such a great listen.



Silver: Radio BGM NHS 70


The judges said this was just lovely.  An uplifting, gentle, warm and well produced piece of radio that they loved.




Bronze: The Hospital Broadcasting Service 48 Hour Broadcast for NHS70


Warm and friendly is how the judges described this entry. One said it had great texture, great changes of pace, informative and yes, I noticed the music selection


Radio Brockley                 


Play Radio Brockley's Gold Entry


Play Radio BGM's Silver Entry


Play Hospital Broadcasting Service's Bronze Entry



Best Speech Package





The judges described this entry as an extraordinary piece of radio, produced by a sympathetic interviewer allowing his interview to flow. One judge said this was an amazing story that drew me in and held my attention all the way.

Another described it as a very engaging piece which let the family tell their story, covering an issue of real importance, emotive and what an amazing young man Max is!



Silver: NHS Voices  - Winchester Radio


The judges said this was a well compiled and creative package showing the benefits of teamwork in hospital radio. What a special way to cover the NHS 70th birthday with the people who have given their life to the health service. A great listen.



Bronze: Generation Gains - BHBN


The judges praised the great use of actuality and strong storytelling, throughout the entry, highlighting a well put together package which makes you feel like you’re there and taking part in the sessions. Another said it was relevant to the audience and produced to a very high standard.




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Best Newcomer


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The judges said this was lovely to listen to.  It Felt like a chat with an old friend. They described Debra’s content as relatable to the patients and her style is really natural.


Silver:David Stone, Radio Harrow


The judges thought this entry really hit home. They loved the honesty of David’s own mental health story and it’s good to hear that being shared, as it would, positively, impact on others listeners.


Bronze: Kate Beatty, Radio Brockley


The judges said Kate had a warm, friendly style on air, with a nice energy about her.

They especially enjoyed the interviews as well as requests.  One said, she feels like someone you’d want to hang out with.



Radio Grapevine


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Best Specialist Music


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The judges described Grapevine’s entry as an excellent showcase of local music that covers a few genres providing a platform that comes across as bigger than the radio station, itself.  They loved the likable presentation style and good rapport with the live guest.



Silver: The Acoustic Hour, CHBN


The judges said they enjoyed this entry. It was a pleasantly original show with great use of on location recording and some wonderful local accents. Well worth a listen



Bronze: Touch of Tartan, Grampian Hospital Radio


The judges said this is specialist music radio at its best delivered in local dialect.  A really enjoyable listen, said one.  Real warmth to the programme.



Radio Grapevine


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Best Programme with Multiple Presenters


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                Bright, young sounding and fun, is how the judges summed up Harrow Today. One said, while it contained a number of voices, I didn’t feel excluded. They especially liked the Pie Q test and enjoyed the feel of the show.

They also praised the inclusion of patients in a different and clever way.


Silver: iKidz, Hospital Radio Bedside


The judges said this entry created a real fun atmosphere. They know their audience and the judges especially enjoyed the content from the children.

There was immediate chemistry between the team and included the patients throughout the show. One said it sounds like it’s just what the wards need!


Bronze: Colin and Annette's Music Set, Coventry Hospital Radio


The judges loved the chemistry between Colin and Annette -  a feeling of fun and enthusiasm. They loved how they share their lives on the radio. One said, I can imagine longer term patients looking forward to their visits.



Hospital Radio Plymouth


Play Radio Harrow's Gold Entry


Play Hospital Radio Bedside's Silver Entry


Play Coventry Hospital Radio's Bronze Entry



Station Promotion








                Championing the station's late patron, this promo celebrates the life of Ken Dodd, and has lovely use of archive material, including audio recorded at the station.

The judges agreed this was a great way to commemorate a local hero and they wanted to hear the programme it was promoting – which is what a promo is all about.              


Silver: The New Radio Tyneside - Radio Tyneside


As one judge put it…what a journey this station has been on, and great to hear so many clips from over the years. This promo shows the journey of Radio Tyneside, while still showing that the station is as current as it's ever been.

Another agreed and said, this is a great example as to why archiving is so important!


Bronze: Requestline, Hospital Radio Plymouth


The judges said this was a superbly written promo with great acting – they loved the parrot joke too! One said, it catches the attention and is a fun piece of audio.






Radio Clatterbridge


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Recognising Innovation Across Hospital Radio


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                Myriad 5 Playout





Our winner is Richard Hargrave, Hospital Radio Plymouth

Richard joined Hospital Radio Plymouth in 2016, at a time when the station was without an engineer, was operating from a structurally damaged building and facing an imminent move to new premises off site from the Hospital it served.

His work has transformed the station – totally.  From getting the output moved from one point to another, to introducing new playout software, and taking the station digital – a vast improvement for both volunteers and listeners.

He’s revamps the website and, thanks to Richard, you can now listen again on line to certain programmes – helping patients who missed their request, when life on the ward got in the way just as their song was about to be played!

He has also introduced the use of ‘Cleanfeed’ which has dramatically simplified the technical aspects of outside broadcasts, reducing the money spent previously in doing them over the phone  - the biggest saving has been made at football ground.

Andrew Hill, who nominated Richard, says that whatever problem is thrown at him…he seems to find a solution.

A deserved winner…..the Innovation Awards goes to Plymouth’s Richard Hargrave.



Hospital Radio Plymouth



The John Whitney Award









The winner of this year’s John Whitney Award has been involved in hospital radio for over 50 years. Indeed, they joined their station, in the North-East, in its inaugural year and has seen it go from a record player, pushed around the wards on a trolley, to a 24-hour operation.

As chairman, he’s been described as being crucial  - at times of crisis, forever seeking solutions to problems…no matter how big…including, at one stage, working hard to resolve an issue that put the very future of the station into doubt.

He’s a true community helper, who remains fully committed to, not only his station, but also the listeners and fellow volunteers.

He’s described as a true rock with a real passion for hospital radio.

Hospital Radio runs through his blood – it’s almost as if he was born to do it.





Durham Hospitals Radio