Annual General Meeting

The HBA's Trustees have decided to cancel its Annual Conference which was due to run from Friday 27th March to Sunday 29th March, including the National Hospital Radio Awards ceremony, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). This has an impact on our Annual General Meeting, which was scheduled to take place during the conference.

In light of the Goverment's instructions to stop all unnecessary social contact, and following guidance from the Charity Commission for England & Wales that General Meetings are now permitted to take place virtually even if this not explicitly allowed-for in the charity's constitution, HBA's AGM is going entirely online this year.

The AGM WILL PROCEED ONLINE at 2pm on Saturday 28th March 2020 using HBA's Google Meet conferencing facility. If you are going to join, please join well before 2pm, so that there isn't a rush. All stations have been sent a link to join the meeting; please contact our Secretary (secretary @ for more details.

You will be asked to enter your name prior to joining the meeting; please also include your station name when answering. You will then be placed into a lobby until an HBA volunteer admits you to the meeting. To keep the noise to a minimum, please mute your microphone unless you wish to speak. In addition, if you can use headphones rather than speakers, that typically helps keep feedback and echoes to a minimum.

Attendance at the meeting is open to representatives of all Full Member stations, and to Associate Members; however, the online meeting can only handle 100 participants, so please:

  • only one person per station should join the meeting;
  • if you are content not to be present, please APPOINT THE CHAIRMAN OF THE MEETING AS YOUR PROXY.

Thanks to all those who have already submitted a proxy. Apologies if you have yet to receive an acknowledgement; we will endeavour to catch up as soon as possible. If any of you now wish to join the online meeting in person, you can do so, and doing so will override your proxy.

HBA's Main Contact at each station, or anyone with "Station Administrator" rights on your station's HBA membership record can easily appoint the Chairman of the meeting to act as your station's proxy, and instruct them how to vote. To do so, all you need to do is send an email to secretary @ stating:

On behalf of <insert station name here>, I appoint the chairman of the meeting to act as our proxy at the HBA's 2020 AGM.

I instruct them to vote as follows:

Motion 1: To adopt the minutes of last year's meeting: <For / Against / Abstain / As they see fit >

Motion 2: To receive the Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts: <For / Against / Abstain / As they see fit >

Motion 3: To re-elect Darran Huish as a Trustee:  <For / Against / Abstain / As they see fit >

Signed: <insert you name and position within station>


Ordinary Business

(These motions require a simple majority of those voting to pass.)

  1. To adopt the Minutes of the AGM held on 30th March 2019 as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
  2. To receive the Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts for the year to 31st August 2019.
  3. Election to the Trustee Board:

    To re-elect Darran Huish (of Bath Hospital Radio) as a Trustee

    (nominated by Bath Hospital Radio and Hospital Radio Exeter)

    (As the election is uncontested, unless any member objects, the meeting will simply be asked to approve the appointment. If a formal objection is raised, then a full ballot will be undertaken.)

Note: Ian Pinnell, whose term of office as a Trustee also concludes this year, decided not to seek re-election and so he will cease to be a Trustee at the conclusion of the AGM. Ian intends to continue volunteering for HBA in other roles.

Informal Q&A

Following the formal business, as an experiment to see how well or otherwise the technology works, we'll try to run a Q&A session. There is a chat facility inside the meeting, and it would be helpful if you could reaise questions in there initially.